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by Vegas Traveler on Mistress Kikko
Kikko is the best

This was my second time seeing her, shes always easy to plan and set up a time with. Kikko is very good as setting a flawless scene always hitting every desire as well as helping to try and get comfortable trying new things. She approaches the session with a great attitude and professionalism that instantly quells any prior doubts. She always makes sure our time spent together is unforgettable and everyone has a great time. If you find yourself in vegas, give her a call, and i promise you wont regret it.

by max on Mistress Kikko

5 star all the way. Mistress is in her own league. Nothing else compares.

by Blue Ox on Mistress Kikko
MK is the State of the Art

I have been seeing MK on a regular basis for over 8 years, once or twice a month.
No, I am not local, I am fortunate to have the assets to travel the 90 minute flight as I wish. I had been curious about the BDSM scene for many years, dabbling in it since the late nineties. I was mostly attracted to the clothing. Boots, leather, latex.
I also basically have been involved with Asian women, living in S.E. Asia many years. Believe me, I saw it all!
When I met MK, I had a beautiful Kenyan mistress, not in the BDSM sense of the word. I took her to be trained by MK. After 3 years, never saw her again. When in LV, I spent my time with MK. Still do. I have very strong deep fantasies, and she has been an invaluable guide helping me discover what I THINK I Like, and what REALLY excites me. She also introduced me to some things I thought I would NEVER do, but am now addicted to, such as sounds.
To boot, she is such an amazing beauty. I can play in any major city, Asia, Europe.
But as long as I have known her, I still get butterflies in my stomach when coming to see her. If I had an Avatar, it would be her clone!
As much as I travel and play, I must say, her playspace has the nicest vibes, is very very clean, and stocked amazingly. I have been in fancier, bigger commercial dungeons, but they have none of the induvidual personality MKs space has. It is hers alone, no others, and the vibe reflects that. Whata comfort space!
I will continue to see her as long as I am able. I adore her.
And if you have health issues, speak to her. In the field oh health, exercise, nutrition, her knowledge in that rivals her BDSM knowledge. Helped me greatly with arthritis. A true goddess!

by Allen on Mistress Kikko
The Essence of Fun

Ahead of visiting LV, I had an open, honest exchange with Mistress Kikko, first by email and then --upon arriving in town-- by phone. She clearly knew and shared my kink interests. Her play space is in a discreet, upscale neighborhood. She met me at the door looking INCREDIBLE. We spoke for a while, and I could tell right away She was not only kinky and dominant, but would guide me with kindness as well (sensing that I was at just such a level so as to need the "carrot").

The "stick" came later, of course, so to speak, as Mistress conjured in me the courage to try many new activities, even in the "impact" category.

On the whole, it was a sexy, kinky time. She commanded, I obeyed, yes. But W/we also chatted a great deal, listened to tunes, and laughed a lot.

I had FUN. W/we both did. Mistress Kikko is SERIOUSLY sexy, and super skilled at all She does. You're lucky to session with this Lady.

by BORNin BRONX on Mistress Kikko
First Fisting

I am someone who never had more than a finger in his ass, but became fascinated with trying it once I saw a video on you-ornament. I wanted someone experienced and at the same time beautiful. Mistress kiikko is just that .SHE IS GORGEOUS. She is tin y , but her body is tight, her ass is firm , her breasts are perky ,with nice size nipples and her legs are that of a dancer . I contacted her on the phone and after her verifying me , we made plans to meet at her incall address . The 1st stop though was for a Colin cleanse as I knew what I was getting into and didn’t want any embarrassing situations . Needless to say , I didn’t .I think Mistress kikko appreciated that too . Haha .Now before I go into detail , I have to say that this is something I gradually wanted to be able to do . so it took a few times of seeing her ,for me to accomplish this . This is not something that I believed could be accomplished on one visit . She is really experienced , so she started out the 1st time using a butt plug , then working her way thru the different size dildos . With each dildo , she made sure to have them all sanitized and for extra precaution , she had a condom put on each one. You could tell that she took great joy when she was able to strap on the dildos and at the same time ,was talking dirty to me. It was so erotic and my cock was as hard as a rock while she fucked me .It took awhile for me to get used to the different sizes , but I eventually was able to take them all, from small , to some huge thick dildos. I do have to admit, it felt good. Once I got used to how a dildo would feel , we would move on to the next size.She was gently coaxing me throughout each endevour too. She took her time with each one . Then she told me the moment of truth has come . She greased up her hand , all the way up to her elbow. .. I knew I wasn’t going to attempt to go that far , but she was prepared for it , if it was possible .At this point , I was used to some very thick Dildos, so when it came time to use her hand, , I was ready . She started out slowly with 1st 2 fingers , easing it in and out of my ass and gradually working it up to 4. .All the while , I could see her spreading my ass wider as she twisted her hand to open it up more. What an amazing feeling . I can’t describe the euphoria I was in . She then inserted the thumb in and was able to stretch it out further as she now had all 5 fingers in my ass.She was so experienced , that the discomfort at 1st was minimal. With each finger inserted , she stopped so that I could get used to the feeling . It was so hot . It was after a few minutes of this when she gently started to push her whole hand in . I can’t explain the feeling , but there is a point where you come to a part where it gets really tight . She let me know that this was the final part to get hurt , so she pushed and pushed until it just went in . I was in to the wrist ! .I could not believe it , but after looking thru a video camera that I was able to bring . The hand had disappeared ,as well as some of the wrist . I only kept it in for a very short time and she pulled it out upon my request . I don’t who enjoyed it more , me or Mistress kikko. She told me that this experience turned her on . I believed her because of the excitement she was conveying to me by her actions . Anyway, when I was ready to cum , I told her and She caught as much as she could ,so then she leaned over and fed me my cum . I had never done this before ,so when the time came , I was hesitant at 1st , but I did take it all from her as she fed it to me until I had licked both hands clean . I know she enjoyed that as she kept saying ‘Wow’, that was so hot” . . I will definitely be seeing her again , to see how much further we can go . Treat her right. And she will treat you right . It was an experience of a lifetime and I’m glad I got to do it with Kikko.

by Jim on Mistress Kikko
MK is the BEST

Second time seeing MK. MK took it to an entirely new level with the addition of her gas mask! MK is so more beautiful in person. MK was all I thought about for the next week! I will return.

by Alice on Mistress Kikko

She is the best making me a sissy I am her girl who will do anything for her

by Thomas on Mistress Kikko
Unforgettable experience

While in Las Vegas last month for a convention, I had the chance to visit Mistress Kikko. Her pictures do her no justice, she is far more stunning in person. She greeted me wearing sexy lingerie and thigh high leather boots. She led me upstairs and told me to get undressed. The rest of the night I will leave up to your imaginion. Her sensual touch and seductive voice mixed with her brutal force of discipline left me in pure ecstasy. My next trip to Las Vegas can’t come quick enough.

by Ryan on Mistress Kikko
Unforgetable experience! From Canada

My session with Mistress Kikko was by far the HIGHLIGHT of my entire trip to Las Vegas! The next time I am able to get time off, I would come back to Vegas just to see her for sure & plan the rest of my vacation around that! She is very intuitive & skilled. Thanks for such a great time! I will be back for sure! 🙂

by Robert on Mistress Kikko
My Living Fetish

Love the new site! I have seen MK for several years now.
I cannot see her enough. If I dreamed up a Domme on vitual reality, she would walk in! Never have enough!
Not just a Domme, more than that. Have had some real rough bumps in life, her sage advice helped me stay on a good course. A fantastic Domme, world class, and a truly lovely caring person. She is most important in my life! One of a kind in the BDSM world!

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