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by James on Mistress Kikko
1st time pegging

I decided to give up my anal cherry and chose Mistress Kikko, who was a great choice. Firstly, she is extremely attractive with the body of a model. Once you see her in her underwear you are willing to do almost anything to please her, as I was. She was kind but firm and look no time in stripping me. I felt very inferior to her when I was naked as she is so attractive . She spanked me to show me who was boss and then started prepping me for her strap on. When I was ready she placed me in front of the mirrored wall in an Encore hotel room and deflowered me. While the pegging is very humiliating and degrading, I felt content that my ass now belonged to her. She pegged me with a lot of energy and force and made me whimper. I could feel she stretched my virgin ass but it was well worth it to serve her. She is the best and I long to give her my ass again, which hopefully she knows

by LAN on Mistress Kikko

Mistress Kikko took me in for my first ballbusting session and I couldn’t have asked for more. She’s amazing and I highly recommend a session by her!

by Chat on Mistress Kikko
you get what you need

I titled my review in the vain of the Rolling Stones song. In fact I was a first time client and a novice so you can take my review from that perspective. One is actually very likely to get what they want and what they need spending some time with this beautiful mistress.
I basically asked for some ball busting and Mistress K was excited to give me what I asked for. Super intuitive she started pretty gentle figuring me out in ways I didn't really get. By the time I was on all fours she gave me everything I needed. not really knowing what I wanted I found it so amazing that she read me perfectly. I really need to find an excuse to go back to Las Vegas. I have found that many things are better the second or more times around, I literally cant wait to see her again. I will write a more lucid review after I see Mistress K again, for now, even days later, my mind is in a wonderful fog trying to remember the details of my experience. MK is a treat.

by joe on Mistress Kikko
Doing as i was comanded

Mistress Kikko commanded my to write this cautionary advice! I was recently in Las Vegas and found out that Mistress Kikko was out of the area on her well deserved vacation. That was the difference between a good trip and a great trip. During the day when I was with my associates and others it was alright and we got things done.

It was at night and during the down times that I was lost and lonely. Without Mistress Kikko's guidance and leadership I did not really enjoy Sin City as much as I should have. I know you are wondering why I did not just see some other Dominant? I have been with assertive woman both professionally and socially. I have never served someone that just felt so right as Mistress Kikko, so I did not want to waste my time and money and risk being disappointed. I hate to admit it I am almost starting to be afraid to see Mistress Kikko again in case its not as magical as my previous sessions. But I know I will because Mistress Kikko is that special and all I want to do is to please her, she has turned me into that sorry of a submissive that all I do is worship and want to serve her.

by Donald on Mistress Kikko
Priestess Kikko

I was called and informed that I was to serve Priestess Kikko in Her beautiful wedding chapel, as She presided over a Dom/female slave wedding. I was ordered to have the Chapel & Dungeon completely cleaned, inside and out, the day before the wedding. She demanded that I have everything perfect for the wedding.
It was!

The ceremony was wonderful as Priestess Kikko, who looked gorgeous in
Her black professional outfit, legally married the couple as husband & wife and Master & slave. After the marriage ceremony, everyone retired to the dungeon for a special slave collaring ceremony. The Priestess spoke to both Master and slave and then had them read their vows. The Master then placed a beautiful metal collar around his slave's neck and then locked it in place forever. It was so emotional for everyone. Priestess Kikko made lifetime memories for everyone present.

After the champagne toasts, photos and celebration, the newlyweds left for their wedding night! Priestess Kikko then promptly told me to strip, clean up everything and wait for Her in my cage. She then went upstairs to relax and change into Her Domme outfit. She made me wait for over an hour. When Mistress finally came down the stairs She was wearing a very short skirt and black thigh high boots. She was carrying a whip in one hand and the cane in the other. Mistress told me that it was time for some new stricter rules for me and time for my monthly discipline training. She put me on Her leash and made me crawl upstairs on all fours.
Once upstairs, Mistress tied me to the whipping post and severely whipped & caned me for the next hour. When She released me, I could barely stand. She then had me give Her a full body massage for over an hour. When Mistress was please with my performance, She ordered me on my knees, and allowed me my monthly orgasm
at Her feet. It was wonderful!! The best day I have ever spent with
Priestess/Mistress Kikko in the 7 years that I have served Her!

by joe on Mistress Kikko
Lesson Learned

Mistress Kikko directed me to submit this warning for others to learn from. I am wasting one of my vacation weeks . I booked my non refundable plane ticket to Las Vegas to serve Mistress Kikko. I then attempted to make an appointment to serve her only to find out she will be out of town that week. I am shattered so please learn from my mistake and save your self the misery of not being able to serve the Great Mistress Kikko. Respectfully Submitted joe

by Paul on Mistress Kikko
I am powerlessly addicted

As a professional male that has always had the secret desire to submit and worship the divinity of the Feminine, I was unprepared for the power of this experience. I have never had a problem finding dates or relationships, but it’s near impossible to find a female knowledgeable in the secret garden of my sexual desire toward surrender to the Sacred Feminine.

Mistress Kiko effortlessly tuned into that space in m, without effort or judgement, then playfully made hers of at home in the deepest space of my desire. She understood me, not only because she’s a professional, but rather because she herself is a True Mistress that enjoys receiving my absolute surrender and release. Without judgement, she found that soace in me and looked deep into my eyes to bring it out. She was respectful, professional, drop dead gorgeous, and perfect.

Our session followed a pace that revealed her intellectual and spiritual understanding of the submissive male’s desire. She gets it, and also enjoys it. I felt cared for, exposed, understood, exploited, appreciated, and in my proper place. I came home.

Don’t think another minute, You deserve to find someone like this who understands and will not let you down

I am blown away!

by grn on Mistress Kikko
Mistress Kikko is amazing

Mistress Kikko is amazing, I had always wanted to experience a skilled Domme but, never worked up the courage to actually go through with it until recently. I decided to to live my life without guilt and fear of my feelings and fantasies and made an appointment with Mistress Kikko. To start with, her pictures online don’t do her justice, she is absolutely stunning in person. Beautiful and insightful. I felt beyond lucky to be in her presence. Her skills are impressive. She worked her magic on me to the extreme. I was bruised for a week (happily so). It was the most incredible experience of my life. I am so glad that I worked up the courage to make that initial appointment. I found myself craving her “touch” and recently visited her for my second intense experience. I am again black & blue and tenderly trying to sit here and write these thoughts. If anyone has ever had the thoughts of what it is actually like to submit to a beautiful skilled Domme, then Mistress Kikko is definitely for you.

by ROBERT RUSSELL on Mistress Kikko
ThE Best there is

Seeing Mistress Kikko will be one of your best decisions
you could ever make,but i warn you she will be extremely
addictive and will totally OWN you. Her Sexual presence will
overwhelm you and once she knows your likes and dislikes
she will intuitively and accurately know what the proper
procedures to use to control, abuse and control you. She
will train and teach you things about yourself that you
did not even know about yourself, She Is dedcated and
loves what she does,it is not about the money with her,it
is about her Power over you. Once you are addicted to her
you will take more pain than you ever imagined because you
know it makes her happy delivering it to you. If you have
a ballbusting session you will be with the most Vicious
ballbusting Mistress you can imagine, and will be addicted
to come back for more. Your life will never be vanilla or
even close to vanilla once Mistress Kikko gets her nails
into your skin, you will not be able or want to ever get
away. I am an older man and i give her more money constantly
than i can afford but her nails are DEEP in me,in fact i have
not had a first session in person yet but hopfully within
the next two weeks it will happen and i know i will have to
endure more pain than i thought possible...but it is what
will please and make the Mistress happy, and that is most
important. She owns me and will own You too. but you will
Love every minute of it.

by Dave on Mistress Kikko

Kikko is a very talented mistress. She has a way of mixing pleasure in with the pain. She has a very extensive collection of torture tools, and equipment. If you are looking for this kind of thing, I highly recommend her.

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