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Amazing Experience

I decided to visit Mistress Kikko after a couple of days in Las Vegas, and I could not of made a better decision. She was extremely welcoming, and I felt comfortable the second I sat down and talked with her when I arrived. I will not go into the details of our session, but she had an expert way of pushing my limits while making sure I was comfortable with what was going on, and as a result I tried things I have never done before (and had an amazing time). I can not wait until the next time I am visiting Las Vegas so I can serve her again. Thank you for an amazing session mistress.

by tom on Mistress Kikko
great experience

Kikko is wonderful and will fulfill your wildest fantasy, very understanding if your just a beginner as I was. She is a expert, can be harsh when needed and very gentle at the same time. I can't say enough how you need to make time to see her, it will be outstanding. Oh one more thing you will fall in LOVE with her.

by Freddy on Mistress Kikko
Simply The Best

Mistress Kikko provided the best session I have experienced. She is a mesmerizing beauty. Has a cleans modern space with tons of equipment and knows how to use it. She is incredibly professional. A pleasure to serve.

by Tom M on Mistress Kikko
Absolutely Amazing

I had the privilege of getting to do a session with Mistress Kikko and it could not have been better. When I first walked in to meet her I was pleased to find out that not only were her pictures legitimate but she was more gorgeous in person. As we sat for a few minutes to get to know each other a little, I saw how personable and professional she is, which made me feel very comfortable. The session with her was the most enjoyable session i have ever had, she definitely seems to enjoy what she does because nothing felt rushed. I can't wait until the next time I am in Vegas because my only regret is not getting to spend more time with her.

by Keith on Mistress Kikko
Notes from the Novice

My session with Mistress Kikko was extraordinary! From the start I felt very welcome and by scanning the house with all the meticulous time taken to create the perfect BDSM environment, I knew I was in good hands. The devices used during my session were quality. I could tell that MK was very passionate about her craft and the furniture and devices used were hugely invested in with time and money. To put it blunt MK kicked my ass, I’m sore all over, my ass is pink, my nipples raw but it was wonderful!! I have this ear to ear smile on my face. MK is worth every penny and I look forward to serving her again in the immediate future. She has the looks of a model, the wisdom of an elder, the humor of a standup comedian that is interwoven with a drive to deliver pleasure and pain. UNBELIEVABLE session. Thanks a million!

Mistress Kikko was a pleasure to meet and serve! She is very talented at making you comfortable and figuring out what you need.

by slave tim on Mistress Kikko
Best session ever

i was very fortunate that i could schedule a session with Mistress Kikko. She is very beautiful and really knows what She’s doing. Her place is very nice and well equipped. i was a little nervous at first as i am the first time i see a new Mistress but She quickly put me at ease with a conversation about many things including my session interests.

To start the session She had me massage her feet (wow they are great). She told me i was doing a good job and had me do Her legs and shoulders. We then went upstairs to Her well equipped rooms. i won’t go into details but She included most of my interests.

i will definitely make sure to serve Mistress Kikko again.

by Tim on Mistress Kikko

I didn't know what to expect when I saw Mistress Kikko. I took an Uber from my Strip hotel to her abode. After nervously undressing for her, she proceeded to put my arms in elevated restraints and my legs into cuffs attached to a vise for my sensitive penis. She put a sensory deprivation mask on me, so I was not able to see what was next. As precum dripped from my cock, she poked me with various instruments, driving me to the point of anticipation of release.
Stopping short of full ecstasy, she released me from my predicament and suggested we venture to her medical room.

I was strapped to her medical exam table and me genitals were locked into a strange device that sent electrical currents through my private parts. After enduring only what I could describe as various experiments for her pleasure, she touched me with a vibrator that had me explode embarrassingly requiring extensive clean up.

Mistress Kikko is the most beautiful woman I have met in a very long time (and I have lived in Hollywood for 12 years).
Ever since our meeting, I have dreamed about her often...If you have a chance, you must visit this perfect example of a real woman!

by joe on Mistress Kikko
Second timebetter than the First

Mistress Kikko is a bueatiful pettite Lady. Mistress Kikko hs such an aura about her you attracts people attention no matter how she is dressed or what she is doing. If you are any way submissive she will notice that and take you on a kinky journey.

The Juicy Details
I finally returned to Las Vegas and immediately contacted Mistress Kikko. Luckily for me Mistress was in town and agreed to see me. I was allowed an appointment the next day. I arrived at the dungeon and waited outside again for Mistress Kikko to arrive. She arrived and we caught up, the whole time Mistress was planning on how to take me to the next level. I presented Mistress a couple of presence on being a White Doctors lab coat. We went up stairs to get ready for my Session!

Mistress Kikko told me to stand by the bathroom until She returned. When Mistress returned I was told to strip and when I pulled down my pants Mistress Kikko started laughing at me calling names like little sissy boy. I was standing there in a pink satin thong and thigh high stockings . I was ordered to kneel then crawl after the mistress. Once in one of the rooms Mistress Kikko collared me and made me pick out the instruments of impact to be used on me. Mistress stepped out for minute for me to ponder my fate, little did I realize the significance of those few moments.

When Mistress Kikko returned to the room I instructed to lay over her knees for my punishment. I was being spanked for taking to much time between visits. Mistress Kikko used her bare hands and at least 5 different devices on my unworthy ass. it was my most severe and intense spanking to date. When Mistress Kikko was finished I was told open my mouth and look up at the Mistress who then spit into my mouth and ordered me to swallow. I was then told to crawl after her to another room.

Once in the next room Mistress put me into some bondage on a medical table and the left the room. She returned with another naked man who I was told was her slave. I was freaking out being in bondage wearing a pink thong and stocking when I see a man with a big hard on staring at me and Mistress Kikko laughing at me. Mistress then pulled off my thong and she pointed out how small and soft I was while her other slave was swollen and hard as a rock. I thought my shame would end there put that was not to be. Mistress teased me as she lubed me up threatening me. Then to my relief Mistress Kikko strapped on a dildo. Mistress had her way with me in front of the other slave pointing out what a sissy bitch I was. When she was done humiliating me she sent the other slave away and ordered me to the showers to clean up. Mistress Kikko let me think my ordeal was over when she ordered my to lay down in the shower. Mistress Kikko then gave me my second Golden Shower this time on my head not the body.

Mistress Kikko then told me that I had pleased her and told me the next time I was in town was ordered to come back and serve her again.

Mistress Kikko is a very special lady and she knows how to read people. She has opened up my eyes to many new things. I now if given the chance I will serve Mistress Kikko again. Respectfully Submitted

Professional, Sensual, and Pleasurable

From the moment I entered the door, Mistress Kikko proved to be an amazing host. She not only catered to the things I was into, she also surprised me with a few additions and activities. She clearly takes her position seriously and has all the amenities one would want for BDSM play. The session was a thrill and I always felt comfortable around her. I would highly recommend Mistress Kikko to anyone interested in BDSM.

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