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by Vegas on Mistress Kikko
5 star

I visited Mistress Kikko during during a recent trip to Vegas. All I can say is wow. Being someone new to the scene, she was warm, friendly and welcoming. She could tell I was incredibly nervous. After discussing things first and getting kind of a feel for the flow of how things were going to go, I felt welcomed and cared for, I won’t go into details, but I will say the vac bad, and the overall experience I had with her was second to none. I could not recommend her enough. She’s friendly, outgoing, (cruel in a good way) and really takes the time to know her craft. I highly recommend her.

by Marc on Mistress Kikko
Absolutely everything you desire

Mistress Kikko was just wonderful. I was in town and reached out to her, she got in touch with me promptly and we discussed the details and timing of our session. She provided me with her address and I arrived at the agreed upon time. She has a very nice home in a safe area.

When I came into the house, she directed me to sit and she took her place on her large throne like chair, fitting for a goddess. She took the time to get to know me a little bit, she has a very calming manner about her and we had a nice conversation to get to know one another a little bit. She then directed me to remove my clothes, placed a collar and leash on me and led me upstairs.

She proceeded to dress me up in sexy lingerie, makeup and heels to turn me into her sissy bitch. we went into another room where I was ordered to choose the devices she was going to spank me with. She has a gentle but firm touch with her tools, she clearly is experienced in knowing just how much she can give it to you within your limits.

We finally moved to another room, where she first put me in chastity and then suspended my legs up in the air to get ready for the 'main event'. She took her time to make sure I was comfortable, at first using a smaller vibrating toy on me while she used her sinister laugh and firm but sweet demeanor to ensure I knew she was in charge. She left the room for some time, leaving me tied up and with the vibrating toy buzzing away. She returned, ready to truly make me her sissy bitch. At first, the toy she chose was too big for me to take but she really knows how to slowly get you comfortable, and eventually make you hers. I eventually exploded, which she cleaned up with her hand and fed to me - I wasnt expecting that but it was the perfect ending to being sissified and made into Mistress Kikko's little sissy bitch.

She gave me plenty of time to collect my senses and clean up and shower up when we finished the session. I highly recommend a session with the lovely Mistress Kikko. I will be back when I have the chance?

by Mikey on Mistress Kikko
What a ride!

It started with an apology. I was ill prepared and hadn't brought enough cash tribute, despite maxing out the ATM limits for the last few days, trying to raise the funds. I was foolish to leave the UK without enough USD! I was collared and driven to a local store and ordered to make up the difference buying a gift. She was dressed in a latex catsuit. Slim. Confident. I was wearing a polo shirt, branded with my company logo. Hoping desperately no one else from the same convention was in the area and recognised me. It was enough seeing the knowing smiles from the store girls, but I guess they see it all in Vegas.

When we got back to Mistress Kikko's studio, I was hooded, strung up and endured cock and nipple torture unlike anything I could have imagined.

Eventually I was strapped to a bench on my back, enduring more torture and indescribable violations... and pleasure. I will keep some of those deliciously intoxicating details to myself ;-). I was eventually instructed to give myself the release that I craved, while suffocating beneath Mistress Kikko as she sat on my face. She enjoyed watching me squirt a fountain, and fed me the harvest.

I was well looked after. I was able to shower at her studio and she drove me where I needed to be straight afterwards, and I was not too late for an important meeting 🙂

What a ride! One that I will never forget.

by She E O on Mistress Kikko

I was looking to find out if I am indeed ‘into’ BDSM by experiencing things with a trusted professional. Mistress Kikko was extremely understanding, and knowledgeable, and made our 2 hours together unforgettable! I love my husband very much, and he knew I was going to see Mistress Kikko, but we want to ultimately do things that can be dangerous if done incorrectly…and I needed to see if I even enjoyed these things in reality vs my fantasy. Her dungeon is beautifully appointed and her demeanor was instructive and caring. Mistress and I explored the magic of sensation, and determined what I do enjoy and what I’m ok keeping as “what happens in Vegas” 😂. She went above and beyond before, during, and after our session. I’m happy to call Mistress Kikko my Mistress, mentor, and friend 😊.

by joe on Mistress Kikko
Serving Perfection

I recently had the privilege serving Mistress Kikko again. Mistress Kikko talks with you to figure out what you need. She listens and is very Perseptive about how you react. Mistress Kikko see rights through me and knows how to exploit my secret fears and desires.
Mistress Kikko had me dress in stockings and lingerie, it was not a pretty sight. She then made me pick out the whips and paddles to punishment me for being away for so long. Mistress Kikko brought in one of her male slaves to add to my embarrassment of being dressed as her sissy slave. I just want to thank you Mistress Kikko for pushing me and training me for your pleasure.

If you have the opportunity to serve Mistress Kikko you will regret not doing it she is a very special Lady.

by Sam on Mistress Kikko

I saw Mistress Kikko for the 2nd time. She was able to accommodate me for a 4 hour session, and it was worth every minute. She takes the time to make it memorable, and she can be both sweet and evil, something that everyone only imagines a woman to be. She is very much worth seeing any time you are in Vegas. I can’t wait to get back and see her again

by Mark on Mistress Kikko

Mistress Kikko is the perfect dominatrix! She listens carefully to what your scene requests are and then expertly roles them into the scene with her own very commanding and creative flair. She really understands the psychology of role play and the underlying deep inspiration that is hidden below the surface.
And on top of al of that, she is a lovely person!

by Bob on Mistress Kikko
Delightful Company and more

Mistress Kikko is extraordinary. Delightful to be with whether it’s enjoying a food market, five star Chinese cuisine or spending a night on the town Down to earth in daylight or elegant in her evening finery

She is an excellent listener and intuitively knows how to make an evening beyond memorable.

Give her a call and get to know her. You won’t regret it.

by Scott on Mistress Kikko
You won't regret it, incredible experience

Where to begin. Mistress Kikko couldn't have been better from the jump. Called me back and was a complete sweetheart over the phone and was kind enough to see me same day, sat night no less. When I arrived she put my mind at ease considering it was only my second time delving into this scene. Her dedicated dungeon is a two story house stocked full of everything you can imagine. Although I requested not something she has as her favorite activity, she was still loaded with toys and a professional approach to accommodate my wishes. She was very attentive to how far to push me and gave glimpses of how dominant she can be if I were ready for it, I am not quite there yet. I will absolutely be going back to her next time I'm in Vegas. She is gorgeous, has a very sexy voice, evil laugh, and takes great care of herself. She alone made the trip to Vegas worth it.

by RPB on Mistress Kikko

I have seen Mistress Kikko many times I’ve the years. It’s always been an amazing experience. She is amazing and I highly recommend

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