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by joe on Mistress Kikko
Second timebetter than the First

Mistress Kikko is a bueatiful pettite Lady. Mistress Kikko hs such an aura about her you attracts people attention no matter how she is dressed or what she is doing. If you are any way submissive she will notice that and take you on a kinky journey.

The Juicy Details
I finally returned to Las Vegas and immediately contacted Mistress Kikko. Luckily for me Mistress was in town and agreed to see me. I was allowed an appointment the next day. I arrived at the dungeon and waited outside again for Mistress Kikko to arrive. She arrived and we caught up, the whole time Mistress was planning on how to take me to the next level. I presented Mistress a couple of presence on being a White Doctors lab coat. We went up stairs to get ready for my Session!

Mistress Kikko told me to stand by the bathroom until She returned. When Mistress returned I was told to strip and when I pulled down my pants Mistress Kikko started laughing at me calling names like little sissy boy. I was standing there in a pink satin thong and thigh high stockings . I was ordered to kneel then crawl after the mistress. Once in one of the rooms Mistress Kikko collared me and made me pick out the instruments of impact to be used on me. Mistress stepped out for minute for me to ponder my fate, little did I realize the significance of those few moments.

When Mistress Kikko returned to the room I instructed to lay over her knees for my punishment. I was being spanked for taking to much time between visits. Mistress Kikko used her bare hands and at least 5 different devices on my unworthy ass. it was my most severe and intense spanking to date. When Mistress Kikko was finished I was told open my mouth and look up at the Mistress who then spit into my mouth and ordered me to swallow. I was then told to crawl after her to another room.

Once in the next room Mistress put me into some bondage on a medical table and the left the room. She returned with another naked man who I was told was her slave. I was freaking out being in bondage wearing a pink thong and stocking when I see a man with a big hard on staring at me and Mistress Kikko laughing at me. Mistress then pulled off my thong and she pointed out how small and soft I was while her other slave was swollen and hard as a rock. I thought my shame would end there put that was not to be. Mistress teased me as she lubed me up threatening me. Then to my relief Mistress Kikko strapped on a dildo. Mistress had her way with me in front of the other slave pointing out what a sissy bitch I was. When she was done humiliating me she sent the other slave away and ordered me to the showers to clean up. Mistress Kikko let me think my ordeal was over when she ordered my to lay down in the shower. Mistress Kikko then gave me my second Golden Shower this time on my head not the body.

Mistress Kikko then told me that I had pleased her and told me the next time I was in town was ordered to come back and serve her again.

Mistress Kikko is a very special lady and she knows how to read people. She has opened up my eyes to many new things. I now if given the chance I will serve Mistress Kikko again. Respectfully Submitted

Professional, Sensual, and Pleasurable

From the moment I entered the door, Mistress Kikko proved to be an amazing host. She not only catered to the things I was into, she also surprised me with a few additions and activities. She clearly takes her position seriously and has all the amenities one would want for BDSM play. The session was a thrill and I always felt comfortable around her. I would highly recommend Mistress Kikko to anyone interested in BDSM.

by Half on Mistress Kikko
First session - Awesome!

TLDR: It couldn't have been better.

For years I wanted to experience a session with a pro mistress. As a first timer I was a little shy, reluctant and nervous about how it would go. I was visiting Vegas, and finally gave in to my desire. So lucky I got the opportunity to submit to Mistress Kikko, I could not have asked for anyone better.

It was great socialising with her and I felt extremely comfortable submitting to her.

I felt the session very unique, tailor-made for me. Even though I was a complete beginner, I could see my limits being pushed gradually. She was able to sense how much pain I felt so easily.

The session included impact play, worship, minor electro play and strap on play.
I was amazed by how well and accurate the the spanking was with 8 different implements!
At the end my ass was completely sore and crisp. I was kind of at my limit, almost near the breaking point -- but at the same time I was mesmerized and I desired for more.

It felt great to be pegged by MK and have my virgin ass ripped. I felt more pain than the CP initially. But slowly it turned out to be extremely sensuous and I was in heaven.

Time passed so quickly without me realising -- I was sad that I couldn't get more :(. But it felt awesome overall.

At this time, I feel like getting my 2nd session with Mistress Kikko only, because I know I cannot get anyone better. PERIOD. The next time we meet I would love to be completely broken and tormented like a slave. I wish I meet Mistress Kikko again some day. 🙁


by 1st timer on Mistress Kikko
First time being dominated.

Mistress Kikko was amazing she relaly know how to be a true dominatrix goddess. She made me drool everywhere had me tied down. I mean just the kind of experience i was looking for. I think besides being a pwrfect hot mistress she reads minds . I can't wait to do it again. This was my first time definitely going for seconds.

by suzy slut on Mistress Kikko

Fortunately, I have had opportunities to visit various Doms in USA and Asia. Mistress Kikko is superb.

After an initial session with Mistress Kikko while attending a conference, I made it a point to see Mistress Kikko again while at the next conference. This time doubling the duration of our playtime.

Mistress Kikko is young and beautiful. And experienced and engaging. Mistress Kikko is professional during play and outside. Professionalism is paramount.

When discussing various fetishes with Mistress Kikko, she was familiar with and accommodating for all of them. Mistress Kikko understood my desires, and expanded on them with her experience, and outside my normal arena.

Mistress Kikko dressed me up in slutty ladies’ lingerie. She whipped me front and back. After the tremendous whipping expanding my limits, Mistress Kikko allowed me to massage her young fit beautiful legs.

While still dressed up as a slutty little bitch, Mistress Kikko tied me to the table, where she positioned my privates into an electro device and situated a deprivation mask over my head. Then of course Mistress Kikko used a vibrating plug and then strap-on with me.

We are making plans for next time to expand on what we have already explored…

I wanted to find a Mistress outside of my local area and found Mistress Kikko. She didn't disappoint! She was very communicative and once I was under her watch I gave up everything to Her. It was a wonderful experience and I will go back!

Better than ever

Due to infrequent travel to Las Vegas, my second session with Mistress Kikko was four or five years after my first. Amazingly, she was as beautiful and youthful as ever - she must have discovered the fountain of youth. With the experience I had gained in the previous years, I was able to communicate specific areas of interest and limits to her. Mistress Kikko respected those and developed a unique session plan and introduced me to several first-time experiences. Highly recommended!

by joe on Mistress Kikko
CBT / CBB, NT, and Pegging

Best session ever. Mistress Kikko took me to sub-spaces that I've never been to before. The pleasure / pain went on and on. After two organisms, I was spent and shaking. An added take away was great advice on healthy living.

by don on Mistress Kikko
great session

Mistress Kikko is the best of the best. Several years back I came up from Los Angeles and had the greatest session in my life as a slave. I must of been with over 50 mistresses from all over california. Mistress Kikko is in a class by herself I must say. The next time i come to Vegas I will beg her for a session. She has a way of knowing what a slave needs and more important what she needs and demands.

by Happily Humilliated on Mistress Kikko
Stripped of More Than My Clothes

When I walk into a session with Kikko her breathtaking beauty makes me feel like a man. But that ends quickly, and the humiliation starts. By the end of her sessions she typically makes me forget I’m a male and makes me forget I’m heterosexual. More than once I’ve walked away asking her, seriously, what she thinks I am. She is that good. And oh my, so desirable. I wish I could go more often.

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