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Tremendous Experience

Mistress Kikko is wonderful! I was really nervous when I arrived but she was very welcoming and soon had me feeling at ease and comfortable around her. As she started working on me the nervousness changed to excitement when she began doing the things I asked for. What an experience! It was a tremendous amount of fun and was exactly what I needed. I'm absolutely going back for more! (At the risk of sounding like a dork I was very impressed with the professionalism of her setup and I also very much liked the music she played during the session!) Mistress Kikko is one of the gems of Las Vegas!

Absolutely amazing

by Freddy on Mistress Kikko
Truly the Best

Had another west coast business meeting and stop in LV for another session. With Mistress Kikko. Just like past sessions she was incredible! She is the absolute professional, she listens and understands your needs even if you don’t totally articulate them. Wash session builds on the previous one. She is awesome and a session with her is an experience not to be missed.

by Bill on Mistress Kikko
rock hard

Ms Kikko is without a doubt the best, She came in the room slapped my balls and I was hard for one hour. The cock ring and tied up balls tight was hot. My balls were blue for 2 days.

by Steven on Mistress Kikko
Best Mistress Ever

Was in Vegas for a convention and after having searched for weeks in advance to possibly see a mistress. Mistress Kikko kept standing out. My first night in town I made the call and she came to my hotel. We sat down and discussed what I wanted and she delivered. Hands down best Mistress experience I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go back to Vegas and schedule with Mistress Kikko

by Jeff on Mistress Kikko
Could of been better

Had the honor and privilege to session with Ms.Kikko at her dungeon, was easy setting up the appointment, she was easy going over the phone,I told her what my interest were and she said ok...was excited and of course very nervous....went to her location,and finally saw her in person, beautiful but I seen better,...I won't go into details about the session but it was good,it could of been way better,but I believe she chose not to make it better,and I'm surprised with all her experience in the BDSM Field, .. Ms kikko is very expensive to session with and it would have been nice to get the full 75 minutes like she advertises but no,I got around 50 minutes at most.will I be back,I might if I can afford the fee plus tip...it was a good release which is somewhat prohibited in her mini front entrance dungeon......

by Wilmore on Mistress Kikko
Lovely first time

My wife and I went to see Mistress Kikko for the first time last weekend. Was our first time for both of us, and Ms. adeptly, expertly set my wife at ease and allowed her to completely relax. Then we went upstairs: my! I was immediately equipment envious! What an amazing, tasteful, clean space! We greatly enjoyed the time, which just flew by... and we will definitely be back for more next time we are n LAS. Thank you Mistress!

by Freddy on Mistress Kikko

Recently had a business trip to the West Coast. I decided to stop for a couple days in Las Vegas specifically to have a session with Mistress Kikko. It was our third session in each is built upon the previous. She is the total professional. The best experience I’ve ever had.

by Tony on Mistress Kikko
Oh my

I don't why it took me so long to visit Ms.Kikko, I been wanting to see her every time I was in Vegas, but chicken out, I finally had the nerves to make the call, glad I did, I got some much needed punishment by a beautiful Mistress, Thanks Ms kikko

by Nathan on Mistress Kikko
Everything they say is true.

Absolutely wonderful in every way. She makes it so. Read the other reviews. They say it all. I highly recommend Mistress Kikko. Top ratings for her. Wow Wow Wow

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